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This blog will follow the ultimate in home improvement: demolish and rebuild!

This is our starting point: a 1930s bungalow. While not a bad house; it is too small for us with three teenage children so what should we do? A full storey extension versus complete rebuild - ultimately the stronger eco-credentials and more certain finances of a new-build helped to guide our choice.

For a number of years we've been trying to find the right route for us to build an eco-friendly, low energy home. We tried various architects and building companies and have eventually settled with a German prefabricated build. The new house will be nearly to passivhaus standards (but not quite due to budget constraints). In any case, the house will be heavily insulated and airtight.

As a family, we have not built a house before so everything is new and exciting but the risk of making a mess of things is quite high!

This blog aims to outline the day to day steps involved in our build.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Screeding part two

Early this morning our second sand mountain was delivered. A new screeding team arrived to do the ground floor. I hope that these guys will achieve better results than the last ones!

Here is Bob, who is organising out the mixing of the screed. Fibres are added to a tub of water that is mixed with the quick-drying cement. These fibres reduce the likelihood of large cracks appearing by making the screed more flexible. Bob's hat shows how hot it was today; over 30C again.
Russell is in charge and does the levelling out. He is using a laser level to check the screed depth as they start with the corner of the kitchen.

Action Adie, who helps with dispensing the screed, runs to check on something. This time the tube for the screed isn't left to wriggle around the floor as it is tied down to scaffolding boards laid on top of a plastic sheet that is protecting the underfloor heating pipes. For those of you who are wondering, the pipes shouldn't collapse under the screed as they are pressurised with air.
Here is the sitting room half finished as everyone has a short break. It is very hot work so the screed is drying out quickly. Russell decides not to work too long into the afternoon as everyone is struggling with the heat, not least the floor!
This is the finished downstairs bathroom. My daughter thought at first that we were using mud not concrete as it is brown-coloured. I'm optimistic about this job but I would like to see how it dries. Tomorrow the screeding downstairs should be finished.

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